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The bottom line of any effective strategy is a story. I am a storyteller with a full toolbox – whether using a press release, video, website or social media – to get that story out. And I back that up by developing a media list that will generate the best impact.


I developed and led a multi-year effort to chronicle the hospital’s establishment of “audacious” goals to make sure patients did not suffer while getting treated for illnesses. It was a multimedia effort that generated coverage in The Boston Globe, Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal.


I told the story with a video that highlighted five years of progress predicated on a series of small but effective steps – preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia by brushing a patient’s teeth and making sure beds were set at a 30-degree angle; double-sided socks to reduce the risk of falls; taking a timeout before any surgery to make sure it was the right patient and right procedure.


It evolved into telling the story of ensuring a patient’s dignity and respect were maintained and labeling any loss of that as a preventable emotional harm.


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