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Douglas Page

Co-Author, "Plural Marriage for Our Times: A Reinvented Option?" at Praeger Publishers

"Jerry Berger is a first-class professional. Any organization needing someone with top abilities in public and media relations would be well advised to hire Jerry. He's terrific."


Ansuya Bijur

Senior Director of Marketing at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

"I had the pleasure of working with Jerry at BIDMC. I am impressed by Jerry's knowledge of the health care industry and his excellent perspectives on the dynamic, competitive market place. It was great to work alongside Jerry who is always kind, upstanding and respectful."


Alison Harris

Boston Correspondent at PR for People, The Connector Magazine

"Jerry Berger is a consummate professional, and he’s fun, witty, and always on trend. I have collaborated with Jerry at Harvard Medical School, Cambridge Health Alliance, and the Commonwealth of MA/Labor & Workforce Development. When I volunteered to coordinate conferences for communications professionals at the Massachusetts Hospital Association, I chose Jerry as a guest speaker. He is so knowledgeable about the combination of media and marketing, and he stays current with multiple tools and methodologies. Every opportunity that I have to work with Jerry becomes a positive venture where my knowledge base expands. He is generous to collaborators and colleagues, and approaches communications with the imagination that is required to stand out in today’s over-crowded marketplace."


Lisa Mansdorf Pollack

Director, Media and Public Relations, Department of Neighborhood Development

"Jerry is an incredibly intuitive communications professional - it often appears that he knows what the lede of the story will be before a reporter does. He is a vigorous defender of his institution in time of crisis, a thoughtful and articulate blogger, a proponent of new media in a traditionally risk-averse industry, and is a terrific manager of consultants."


David Guarino

Senior Partner at Melwood Global

"I owe a not so small portion of my career and successes to Jerry Berger. As a professor at Northeastern, Jerry took my budding interest in journalism and helped turn it into a calling. As a spokesman I covered as a reporter, he showed me that cool heads, honest answers and high expectations can help inform the public and promote a cause. As a colleague in PR and fellow social media lover, Jerry continues to be a leader and mentor and I'm proud now to also call him a friend."


Sandy Pipitone Davis

Senior Organizational Effectiveness Professional

"Jerry is a seasoned media relations professional. His intellect, experience, and relationship skills make him a strong asset to the organization. He knows how to handle a variety of situations very well and always puts the organization's needs before his own."


Ellen Berlin

Director of Media Relations at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

"Jerry is a consumate professional and deeply respected by the media and his colleagues in the healthcare/hospital industry. He has led the BIDMC communications efforts ably and set the bar high for other academic teaching hospitals."
I often called upon Jerry for guidance in establishing procedures or setting a new policy and he was always willing to share his experiences. He was an invaluable resource. A consumate team player, he is steeped in the goings-on of the hospital community and health care trends and is a great source of knowledge and experience."


Ed Cafasso

Senior Vice President Corporate Communications at WinnCompanies

"With Jerry as media relations director, Beth Israel has consistently and creatively leveraged its strengths to build a great reputation in what may be the nation's most competitive hospital market. It's clear his counsel and experience have been key factors in Beth Israel's ability to effectively tell the story of its vital healthcare mission. And he's succeeded in the face of many unrelenting challenges."


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